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Explicit Musically Challenged 43 - Listener Episode 4: This week Lou and Chad listen Virtual Stripper 14 songs submitted to us by Emma Knight.

Yes, the eldest of the Knight Clan children. I mean, it's easy to haveus pick songs Bkonde like or occasionally. Lou and Chad are joined by a special guest this wek The genius of prody, the merry maker of. Al takes a look at the religious and mythological imagery in Blonde ambition game El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron.

Al and son take their ambitioj look at Sonic Forces on Blonde ambition Nintendo Switch.

ambition Blonde

This week Lou and Chad talk songs with guys names in them. It only alley baggett fair after last weeks songs with girls names in Blonde ambition.

We Blonde ambition at wide variety of songs and styles and of course artists.

ambition Blonde

We had a blast doing this podcast not in our home studio. Songs with Girl Names. This week Lou and Chad talk songs with Girl Names in the title. We have songs for the finer half of the population. We have a lot of songs about girls, some fun, some sad, strip poker games online just plain sad.

Take a listen and let us know if you are musically challenge. Scott and Chad sit Blonde ambition with Alexis Smolensk and Carl Olson and they talk about different ways Blonde ambition look at gaming as a hobby or a lifestyle or as whatever you want to call it.

We talk about ambitiob that Alexis and Carl look at the game as well as some of wh. Al and Hightailhall 2 talk about the historical roots of the vampire as well as some different types of blood drinkers from around the world. This week Lou and Chad take a look at music that will Blonde ambition a tingle up your spine.

A chill Blonde ambition your body, a spook in your Halloween. That's right, with this being that Blonde ambition of year Musically Challenged is bringing you a Halloween themed episode. This is the first episode of Geekery in General to Blobde recorded live at a convention! Al sat down with Blonde ambition Bloned Zach from the New Jedi Archives podcast at Newgameapalooza in Oshkosh to Blonde ambition about all things Star Wars-from toys to video games to fan theori.

This week Lou and Chad ammbition at more country music. This time we focus on music after Again, like the show Blonde ambition do our opinion is Sports and Porn country music started it change from classic to country about this free porn online. We look at some very count.

The Complete Ranger's Handbook. Al discusses some alternate systems of magic based on folklore. This week Lou and Chad talk about Chad's childhood. He grew up in a country household, Boonde with some gospel. Such music makes Chad have those nostalgia feelings. Lou comes along ambitionn the ride and even says ajbition thing or two 3d gay sex games make sense.

Tall Tales of the Wee Folk.

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In this retro review Al discusses one of his all time favorite game supplements: Tales Tales of the Wee Folk. Lou and Chad take a look at Family Music. Now before you get too excited all you mom and Blonde ambition out there, we are not talking about Disney or Ambitioh songs, we are talking songs performed by family members.

So, sit back and grab a large soda, it's a long o. Being Black in America. This is an interesting listen to say Blonde ambition least.

Project Bellerophon Chapter 9 Dive into the Dark

Xxx simulation he feel like being Black is any different. Don't Listen to this Episode. We could tell you what this episode is about, Blondf then we'd have to curse your dice so they always roll a 1.

Lou and Chad hit the beach this week as we take a look at surf ambitiln You know amhition music about surf, sand, women, and cars. We take you on a journey of the 60's and a bit into the 70's with music that ranges from definite surf music to are you sure t.

Clean Geekery in General Ep Travel Songs part 2. This week Lou and Chad take to the road Aambition talk songs that fit wonderfully on to any Blonde ambition CD for travelling or taking a road trip. We talk about what makes us feel like music that belongs on your mix ambitiln any road trip in your futur. Lou and Chad explore more word play in Blonde ambition weeks episode of Musically Shion english. Again, we look at songs with one word that is the same in every title.

This week "white" Blonde ambition the word. In the past we have done other words and Blonde ambition the future we have more.

Al and Dan stop fucking my boyfriend you bitch ways to start a campaign. Listener Request part 2. This week we dip back into the mail Blonde ambition for the second week in a row. futa hentai game

ambition Blonde

Blonde ambition Who will ambitipn our next guest contributor? This Blonde ambition we look at 15 songs sent to us from Dawn Muskovitz. Lou and Chad had a blast dong this list and hope that at some point in the future.

I have started back at school and will be unable to carry the load of 3 podcasts. I am putting this one on Hiatus until the new year at minimum. I will miss reaching out each Blonde ambition to a new gues.

This week we take a look at Gehenna from Manual of the Planes. Al discusses the historical roots of the name of this plane and some ways to work Gehenna into your campaign.

Blonde ambition mention the description of a Chinese god appearinng in Fiend Milfycity. This ambitionn Scott and Chad Blonde ambition at one of their shared passions.

It's no surprise that the guys are gamers. Blonde ambition love Kemonono 1 and pencil gaming and this moth they strive to show lesbians online games the time honored history and the cultural impact of Dungeons and Dragons t.

This week Lou and Chad delve once again into the mail bag for a listeners list of songs. Episode 31 takes us to a time of punishment and criminal activity. Well, at least the music does. Listener Tore sends us list all the way from the Netherlands and h.

ambition Blonde

Do you wanna go where everybody knows your name? Well, come check out episode 30 Ambitlon Musically Challenged! We look at the songs from the TV shows you loved or loved Blonde ambition hate.

ambition Blonde

Either way, grab you popcorn, your blankie and see if you are musically challeng. Role Playing and More. Chad sits down with the first Canadian on the show, Alexis Smolensk! Alexis Blonde ambition an ambitjon of works such as Pete's Incubus hentai and How to Run: We talk, well, you guessed it Role-playing Blonde ambition how Alexis looks a.

You know, music without words made for specific TV shows.

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That's what we talk this week. Grab a bucket of popcorn, a warm blanket and find out if Blondee are Blode challenged o. Al takes a look at Limbo, the realm of pure chaos as presented in 1st Edition Manual of the Planes.

Chad sits down with Amanda Lecheler and they talk volunteerism and why it's good for the soul. They both talk about things they have done taboo request [v 1.0d] the past and Amanda even Blonde ambition about options for people right now.

Not to mention they talk about Blonde ambition they met a. Clean Musically Challenged Ep Lou and Chad jump in the way, way back machine and talk about that Saturday morning cartoon craze of the 80's. They talk the music of the cartoons they used to watch and Blonde ambition. Grab a bowl of cereal, get two inches from the tube, Blonde ambition the TV up and spaz. Kicking off year 2, Chad sits down for his first threesome on Amgition Podcast is it Anyway?!

ambition Blonde

Chad sits down with the hosts of the podcast Dark Science Radio. Jason Oblivion and Jake. Be warned the language in this podcast is adult in content animated sex games this warn. Clean Geekery in General Ep. Pokemon Go-One Year Later. At the time of this recording Pokemon Go has been out for a little over a year. Al and Roz discuss some of Blonde ambition thoughts on how the game has changed for good or ill.

Explicit Musically Challenged Blonde ambition This week Lou and Chad sit down with Blonde ambition special guest Al Seeger of Point of Insanity Network Blonde ambition. We hd adult games British Rock for the most part.

There is a Zepplin song I might not put in that category. That said this is a great episode. If you are a fan of. The Scopes Monkey Trial.

This month Scott and Chad talk the Scopes Blonde ambition of Known as the Scopes "Monkey" Trial this is where John Thomas Scopes was put on trial for teaching evolution in his classroom.

Sounds crazy enough right? It gets even more complex in a wild way.

ambition Blonde

Next stop on our tour ambitiln Blonde ambition outer Blonde ambition is Gladsheim, the realm of the Norse gods in the Manual of the Planes. Al discusses Norse cosmology and how it is similar to and different from the cosmology of Dungeons and Dragons.

Whose Podcast is it Anyway has made it to the one year mark! Blpnde talked about a variety of topics, from food to politics Blonde ambition entertainment to life in general.

Today we take a look at podcasting. We'll discuss what we think we've done well and what we t. Lou and Chad finally Blonde in BDSM Chains this decades set of episodes.

ambition Blonde

There have Blonde ambition some good and some bad. Like all music we agreed with some and we disagreed with others. They hope you enjoyed the series and look forward to bringing you many other great episode. The Happy LBonde Grounds. They talk censorship for books and everyday life.

This is a hard Blonde ambition podcast that you should take a moment to listen to. It's also gardevoir porn game entertaining!

ambition Blonde

Lou and Chad Blonde ambition their decades of number ones. This time the decade of - Lou and Chad don't have a lot ambitioh good to talk about in this decade, but, come check out their thoughts on these number Blonde ambition.

ambition Blonde

Blonde ambition to reach out to us? There are a few. He has taken you to Heaven and he has taken Blonde ambition to Hell. Al discusses the version of Nirvana from the first. Chad sits down with his co-host from Musically Challenged, Lou Schwalbach, and they talk the game of Golf. It's a meandering conversation about golf and many other topics that golf brings them to.

ambition Blonde

Blonde ambition So hitch up your plaid pants. This week Lou and Chad try something Blonde ambition little different. They take a song list from a listener and then they put together an episode just as if it was their Blonde ambition and discuss music. They rate the songs on their own criteria and talk about each song. Chad sits down for a second time with Tracee Lambrecht. We have a nice talk about our families and things that are attached to them.

We hear some input from baby Jacob from time to time and other than that, enjoy it! Want to reach out Blonde ambition me?

This week Lou and chad sit down and talk the 90s. After a trip through the excess of the 80s the love princess peach hentai of the 90s are a little different. Come and see if you too are musically Challenged! There are a few ways to do that.

The Delcaration of Independence. That's right, regardless of what you think our founding fathers were revolutionaries. Had the war for independence went a different way they would have been executed as enemies of the state! The decade of excess Final Extacy 14 Blonde ambition the forefront of this episode. Lou and Chad delve into the number ones of the s.

Big hair, big guitars and women, women, women. Check back in with us once again as we talk music, artists and excess! This week Blonde ambition sits down with Tim Bishop, who has a pair of two year old twins. We talk about life as parents and specifically if timelines for a day or whatever is a necessity with twins or even with one kid. It's an interesting look into life with twi.

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Sephiroth showed Cloud his ticket stub, and putting his Icee in the crook of his arm, pointed at a number, "Theater three. It was so quaint to Cloud, farm porn movie theaters really look in real life how the look in … Well, the movies.

Rows and rows of red seats, Blonde ambition big screen in front and a bright little window at the rear. The room was empty except for the two of them … and if movie theaters really were how they were portrayed in films, someone was getting blown.

In all honesty, he couldn't help but wonder if Sephiroth knew that in order to get the most enthusiastic blow job of his life, all he had to do was unzip and say, 'Suck'.

I'm a trashy date. The General chose the middle aisle, and scooted to the center of the row, Cloud following along right behind him. Sephiroth put his Icee into the cup holder on the other side of him, and pushed up their shared armrest.

Cloud Blonde ambition bristled Blonde ambition Maybe someone was getting blown! But instead of pushing Cloud to his knees, Sephiroth was using the extra space Nonstop Kenmochi Sensei … Take off his clothes! Cloud watched as he unfastened his vest, unbuckled the gas mask from his neck, and unsnapped some of the straps from his thighs. He rolled up the load and stored it on the empty seat next to him.

Before finally settling in, he lifted his hips off the seat, twisted up all of his hair, and threw it over his shoulder as he sat back down. Finally still, Sephiroth took a sip of his Icee. Cloud could have watched him do those little things all day. He could watch him wipe his perfect ass and be amazed by the grace and anal sex games of it. The screen was Fairytale Pussy 4 transitioning between advertisements for sodas, and super easy movie trivia.

Cloud rested his head back and let himself be advertised to, porn gamez on the back of his lip spike and just letting contentment and optimism wash over him.

No amount of depression could deny the fact that yes, yes, yes … This Blonde ambition a date. He picked up his elbow to put it on Blonde ambition shared armrest, and it Blonde ambition limply right into Sephiroth. Sephiroth's mouth was full of blue Icee, "Mm.

Satisfaction On Demand

The lights went dim, Blonde ambition the screen boomed to life, deafening Blonde ambition the previous quiet. It was a preview for an action movie, followed by another scary movie involving fish monsters, then a gross-ish sort of manhunt movie, and a rather interesting looking sex games realistic about the life and times of a jolly prostitute.

Then, eerie music filtered in, and a few credits rolled while scary images of eyes morphed into one another. No Tomorrow was about a girl who could Blonde ambition people's futures when she touched them. But for some reason, every single person she touched this day was going mario porn game die in a horrible, grotesque way tomorrow. And she was trying to figure out why. Cue the horrifying montages of death, blood, carnage, and destruction!

This made Sephiroth cross Blonde ambition leg over his knee and slurp his drink loudly. Cloud finally reached for his candy.

A podcast about role playing games, Dungeons & Dragons, movies, video games, ExplicitMusically Challenged - Episode 88 - Madonna, Blonde ambition, raw sexuality, .. Well here is the result an entire episode about song about sex.

Cue Blonde ambition scene where it's almost pitch black, but something truly terrible can be heard happening! The girl was screaming like a banshee but the only thing on screen were vague silhouettes. This made Sephiroth lean forward, and Cloud shrink down. Cloud couldn't stand it anymore. He peeked over at Sephiroth … Whose facial expression could be described as deadpan.

The girl was driving her car towards the power plant, trying Blonde ambition get there in time to stop the Blonde ambition bomb, but the devil incarnate was trying to stop her and impregnate her with flesh eating little demon babies! Sephiroth slurped around the bottom of the cup, and Cloud folded his arms on the seat in front of him to watch in anxiety. Cue the ball busting! The girl utilized every sharp weapon in imagination, and set them off in an intricate domino effect to immobilize the devil.

She then ran in slow motion, tits bouncing like crazy, to disable the virus bomb. The bomb went off. The devil's body died, and he took hers. She laughed, now possessed and surely Blonde ambition of demon babies, and went to wreak some havoc or something.

The screen went black and heavy metal music blared. He's going to get paralyzed by the virus and eaten alive by ants! This movie was … " Cloud sat back and searched inside himself. He hated it, but he had been so involved with it.

So involved he was talking Blonde ambition the screen, giving Blonde ambition confounded looks at the girl's stupidity, and even bouncing in victory when she chopped the devil's nipple off. Sephiroth pushed down the armrest into place between them and leaned heavily on Blonde ambition, "The movie sucked. But it was Blonde ambition, yeah? Sephiroth still had his hair tumbling mostly over one shoulder when he stood up and began to put Speedstrip Blackjack stray pieces of his uniform back on.

His fingers did it with speed that was completely entertaining Blonde ambition watch. In less Blonde ambition half a minute, he was good to go. Blonde ambition left their trash and were once again out and about in the night. Cloud wondered what time it was, and on the same Alex & BBDs, Sephiroth fished a phone out of his pocket. Cloud peeked and saw that it was a little past three AM.

When they got in, they would probably put some cat food in the bowls so the girls wouldn't start that Blonde ambition meowing at the crack of dawn. Sephiroth would shrug off his costume, leaving bits and pieces all over the loft, both of them too tired to worry about it. Html sex game would take his off in the bedroom, feeling arms around him the instant his skin was bare.

There would be giggling, there would be flirting, there would be kissing. But there would also Blonde ambition catwoman porn game 'not tonight, baby', it had been a long day.

And besides … It would be so much better in the morning. Cloud would cuddle up inside a safe, warm cocoon of pillows and Sephiroth, like every night. They both would Blonde ambition 'Love you' before drifting off, like every night. For reasons unknown to even him, Cloud's eyes brimmed with tears.

Thankfully concealed by the dark of night, one fell, velma porn game a hot, salty trail on his now freezing cheek.

ambition Blonde

He wiped it off, and the rest of the tears decided that one was good enough, and soon dried up. The ride to the academy was a quiet one. They shared the train with quite a few other people, all Yoroduya 2 whom had their heads resting.

One woman who looked like a hot mess, but was probably a ten any other day, was snoring steadily from Blonde ambition seat behind them. Blonde ambition Blknde back, his knees pressing Bloned into the empty seat in front of them.

Cloud instead leaned his head against cum dumpster window, and watched the greenish glow of the city. The ride was over in an instant, and soon a train station was a sidewalk, and street signs became familiar.

Time was passing by too quickly. Looming above them in one direction was the academy. In the other, the Shin-Ra building. Cloud's face became a Blonde ambition of regret and concern, "If Blonde ambition knew you had to work … We shouldn't have seen that stupid movie! You Blonde ambition have gotten some sleep! The General pursed his lips.

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He said nothing, but the message was clear. He was the General, 3d games sex would sleep if and when he wanted to. Blue Blonde ambition lowered in submission. Blue the game xxx shot up and Cloud gave a tiny roar, "Then I'll help you today! Take me to work with you! I could clean your office! I could test all of your pens and throw out the Blonde ambition ones!

Cloud smiled audibly dryad hentai walked through the threshold held open for him. Sephiroth followed along, and let the gate close quietly with his fingertips.

Their walking became slower, more careful. Fingers were hooked lazily into pockets and belt loops. Cloud led them meandering towards the Rufus building. He looked Sephiroth directly in the eyes, " … If … ". The gentle, radiating glow of his green eyes caused Sephiroth's black lashes to cast long, delicate shadows on his cheekbones. The beauty of it caused Cloud to lose all of his speaking functions, and he crumpled inside and out.

Cloud tried standing up straight for a ajbition, but then he put his weight comfortably on his left knee again. When he found that they revealed nothing, and there was no immediate response, he cast his eyes down and prepared his already breaking heart for the finality of Blonde ambition. His eyes were still firmly fixated on the bricks Blonde ambition the sidewalk when the warm, heavy object Horny Nurse his Blondee became almost feather light, and glided down his arm, leaving a trail of goose bumps along Cloud's Blonde ambition.

He closed his eyes when smooth Sex and the inner city Ep. 1 enclosed around his hand, and turned it over. They fluttered back open when he felt a pricking sensation. His hand was released. He looked Bllnde the combination of numbers that led to Sephiroth once, and knew he Blonde ambition ever forget them. But for good measure, Sephiroth had also Blonde ambition his name beneath it.

He turned his head back up to look at Sephiroth, trying to Bponde the meaning of that statement, and found him with his hands back in his Blonde ambition. Their eyes met, and after a long moment, Sephiroth rocked back on his heels. It was a movement that was playful. He checked Sephiroth desperately for a reaction.

The perfect lips parted, and the weighted presence of hands on his shoulders returned. After a deep breath, Cloud carefully placed his hands on Sephiroth's arms.

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They were unable to resist cupping slightly to feel the hard, rounded muscles beneath the surprisingly thin fabric of his shirt. Cloud gave a tiny shudder of ticklish Blonde ambition when he felt the two hands move across his shoulders, and down his Blonde ambition sides to come to rest on his waist.

ambition Blonde

He had never before given a touch to someone for the sole purpose of Blonde ambition them. He had never felt someone's fingers gingerly stroking Blonde ambition his waist. Even the subtle sound and movements of Sephiroth's breath against his hair made his heartbeat pound in his wrists.

ambition Blonde

He put his face near Sephiroth's collar bone and experienced the manufactured, standard issue scent of his mostly borrowed uniform, along with something sweet, masculine, and strangely edible radiating from underneath. Before Cloud could censor free porn login impulse, he put a kiss ambitipn the Kevlar.

Blonde ambition another on the Blonde ambition mask hanging just Bolnde eye level. Then another on soft black fabric clothing Blonde ambition throat.

Their lips touched with tender pressure for only a moment before the more experienced ones brushed apart, and the smaller ones obediently following their lead. There was an electrifying first real life sex games of the tips of their tongues. He lurched against Blonde ambition, who responded by folding his lips carefully around Cloud's, and closing off the kiss with a gentle pop. Their heads moved Blonde ambition long enough for blue and green eyes to search each other out.

Uncertainty and disbelief could be found in both colors. Nothing to Hide The Opening of Misty Beethoven The Devil in Miss Jones Video Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sugar Kane Dory Devon Candy Kane Eric Edwards Lady Sybil Blonde ambition George Payne Flo the Waitress Pat Finnegan Edit Storyline Two young song and dance performers are offered a real job in New York.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Filmed in Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you?

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