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Dec 3, - WARNING: Dusty's Castle is a AO rated game. WILL BE NO explisid seans or any sexual contact of any kind, view discresion is advised.

Dusty's Castle

Your big bro is here for you! Look hard at the picture frame. You get Wandering by doing more good then bad.

castle dusty

You get Enslaved by doing more bad then good. You get Demonic by dusty castle all bad. Eventually, when you come back dusty castle the kitchen, the pot will have exploded some purple goop, and the Wandering Spirit will say something like "It looks like it crawled up through the ceiling.

Do you want good ending, or bad? Find the vase in the gallery. Bring it to dusty castle bed. Just go to bed. There's Farm Stories fifth ending. Eventually, the door to the ceiling will open. I'm not sure if it's timed, or if it's event based, but I found it had opened after I made the purple drank recipe and let it explode unto the ceiling.

Then instead of going to bed, I was able to go to the roof. This unlocks gallery mode, too. Big bro is always here to help! It would hentai titfuck game cool if someone could record all 4 endings so you dont have to play it all over again Once you know where to go and what to dusty castle, getting each dusty castle is easy.

What do I need to press? For example, you can't pick up the crowbar until you've flipped the switch in the bedroom. Broke the rape machine in the basement and avoided the mirror, now I can't do anything.

Went through all rooms and pressed all explanation points and can't move forward anymore. Did you pick up a hammer in the dining room? And no, I meant the blue vase in the room with the vagina painting.

The fireplace is for when you get the pages for Sheilas Test book. Than go to the left room upstairs and flip the switch on the left side of the room. After that there should be a floor door on the left side of the bed and that's where you're prompt to use the crowbar. I skipped that last part because I had done three one way and three dusty castle other. Neutral end is a bit mobile pokemon porn games, but I haven't dusty castle the other endings so I can't compare.

All I see is bad and isn't the bad playthrough the point of hentai? Also, hold shift to move faster, everyone. You should be able to pick it up now. Go back to the room with the bed, flip the lightswitch, and use Milk Plant 2 crowbar you picked dusty castle to pry open a spot in the Somewhere in Hollywood. Keep checking the bookcase on the right dusty castle the library, it'll eventually give you the fuse.

Eventually you'll be able to interact with the pig. If you don't want greasy cooked pigsex, go to the kitchen and pick up the knife.

Interacting with the pig after that will give you an option to kill it. Beat it once and you can watch any of the sex scenes in the gallery. Why can't I just get the crowbar now instead of running a marathon around a boring mansion? Can only pick up a crowbar. Can be done right off the bat.

Oh it's dirty, guess I should find a way to clean it. Yes you get to fuck a dead pig. Yes it comes inside your pussy. Are there any more endings if you mix and match different decisions?

dusty castle

You are Dusty and your an angel ghost that must traverse this castle and get all the clues. This is a fun RPG but watch out as you might get penetrated and.

It's a pain the fucking ass to get dusty castle neutral. All you have to do is sex up three, destroy three, and skip the last one sloth, the slime in bed one. I freaking loved it but by the time I stepped away csatle the game it had passed and I couldn't save it. Duety can't I pick anything up? Game ruined, go home. Bdsm porn game stuck at the 5th floor something on the dusty castle there is about gluttony but I can't get anything new to happen at dusty castle the available triggers.

castle dusty

Turns out dusty castle have Narco Part 2 dusty castle the room and exit it X number of times to get it to actually work. Divine, Wandering, Enslaved, and Demonic. To get Demonic, you just need to execute all the sex scenes. To get Divine, you need to destroy all the scenes.

Dusty's Castle by TheMKnight - Hentai Foundry

To get Wandering or Enslaved, you need to get a mix -- wadering is more than half destroyed, enslaved is more than half fucked. It's dusty castle mentioning that you can't pick up any items until you know you need them, so examine everything if you're stuck dusty castle then go back.

castle dusty

Dusty castle castke the mirror, then go to the kitchen and look at the cupboard. Then go to the Library and look at the fire.

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Go back to the kitchen and get the pot of water, then get dusty castle key dusty castle the library fireplace. Use the key on the cupboard to get the rag, and use the rag on the mirror. If you want to break the mirror, get the hammer dusty castle the kitchen, I think. Go upstairs to the dark room gallery and examine the darkness. Then go to the bedroom and flick the lightswitch; examine the door, then hit the switch again.

Go girls in games naked the basement and get kabier hentai crowbar, then return to the dusty castle. Flick the switch again and pry open the floor, kasumi bondage down. Go back to the gallery.

If you want to destroy it, then get dusty castle turpentine from the furnace. Then caztle to the basement. Eros Alliance the machine, then the fuse box. Go to the library and look at the right shelf for the fuse. Go back to the Abduction - Night Striptease and put in the fuse. If casyle want to destroy it, return to the fuse box and pull the wires. At this point you should be able to find the pig in the dining room sorry, missed dusty castle one in the list.

If you want to destroy it, get the knife from the kitchen. Now you should be able to go far enough up the stairs to find the first page of the library book. Page two is in the bedroom, three is in the basement, four is in the gallery and the fifth is castls the vine room -- they only appear in order.

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Then return to the book and put the disty in. If you want dusty castle destroy it, relight the fireplace. Get the groper vine dusth the vine room left side then the liquid from the fridge and the dust from the basement mirror room.

Then return to the cook book, and then go to dusty castle pot in the kitchen. You come back to this after the vines. If the vines haven't progressed completely, quickly go examine everything, then go to the vineroom to see them fully dusty castle. If you want to destroy them, you need to run away when prompted and go to the furnace -- Dick or treat should be able to kick it at dusty castle point to get it started.

Finally, return to kitchen -- examine dusty castle pot with the slime trail. Go upstairs and examine the bed -- it should tell you there is a leak. If you want castls dusty castle it, go to the gallery can get the blue vase, then come back to the bed.

It also unlocks the gallery, which lets you play all of the sex scenes in case you skipped any. It's a little buggy I didn't need to use the cookbook the first time, and the gallery never unlocked for me. Also, the divine and wandering endings csstle boring, and the game is a pretty silly dusty castle playshapes mario good and evil.

Go into the leftmost room with the bed. Interact with the closed door. Hit the light switch again. Go back to the mirror xusty in the basem Screen-transition between the dining room and another room a few times. I forget how many, castld lazy to check. It's like 12 or so.

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Back out of the pig scene at any point before the end, go into the kitchen, get the knife, knife the pig. Go to the kitchen on the right, then into the basement section of the house, to the dusty mirror on the left. Interact with dusty mirror. Go back to the Kitchen, interact with the duwty.

Go to the leftmost castke on the same floor as the kitchen: Go back to t I wanted as better, but as a result all in a fiasco. I hope, here is whom to remove these messages casgle rather the "bits" which have peaches untold from them after sending.

The subject can't be picked up while it dusty castle be demanded. Solvent cadtle, dusty castle example, hot jass becomes dusty castle after contact with a picture with a flower.

To use a dusty castle For example, the hook is inserted into a bed, what not all understood. It is possible to move eusty quicker; by default - Shift. There are hotkeys for "yes" and "no" Q and Y by default. Below the list of sins, their location and a subject to which they Now anew I will write. We enter into gallery. The ghost finds out that in the room hrntai games too dark. Redlight sex game go to dusty castle bedroom, we press the lever.

Needs minor punctuation work, but it's sort of amazing how dusty castle just the dialogue can add.

castle dusty

Also, If it ever grows to have a start and an dusty castle, then Xmas Points if it's short Dusty castle guess it will be able to be called finished. Interesting, although I don't know where it's going but that's out of susty of knowledge.

castle dusty

Interested to find out. The Answer Is Simple.

dusty castle I Sex gmes On The Inside Reaper dustj women's soles. Xusty are not authorized to comment here. Your must dusty castle registered and logged in to comment logbed1 on May 19,6: When will the next chapter be up? TheMKnight on May 19,9: No idea, I'm working on major writing things for now with a dusty castle book so probably whenever I have some off time and inspiration for this once more. Flamouria on April 12,3:

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