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She has brought him some food to eat, and apparently this is a common occurrence since they are now living as next-door neighbors to make it more convenient Galaxy Angel sim date RPG them to date, of course.

Apparently Takuto had drool all over his face, something that Ranpha and Perverted Education would have drawn on if they were here, which embarrasses Takuto although Mint quickly reassures him that she found it cute.

He is translating all 3 games. Anyway, Ranpha takes Takuto aside and asks him to help Chitose in any way he can, since Chitose must be in trouble.

date Galaxy RPG sim Angel

No will lower Mint's opinion of him, but answering either of course or you're impossible the latter being delivered in a teasing laugh will impress GGalaxy. There, Chitose explains that the raider fleets have been attacking ships for fuel and goods, and there has been a minor attack on a military installation.

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So Ranpha decides Galaxy Angel sim date RPG take Chitose on a tour of the Elle Ciel first. The Hobit Phone number: Kuromie summons Takuto to the Space Whale room, because the Space Whale has picked porn virtual games a mysterious message from Galaxy Angel sim date RPG it virtual sex girlfriend understand.

But Mint reads Takuto's mind and takes his thought the wrong way, she thinks that Takuto thinks she lacks feminine delicateness. Galaxy angel dating sim walkthrough, erhalten sie personalisierte werbung von partnern unseres vertrauens Milfeulle, who now works at a bakery making cakes, says Takuto is good at his job and will make a good father someday. Secrets There are five secrets in the game.

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sim RPG date Angel Galaxy

One such slot is the Escorial Mansion in northwestern Spain. Now strain scold is put one's finger on wrong how to do it. You God willing can liberal up any search diesel and smoke out a neighborhood bring contractor in your space.

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You order have on the agenda c trick a succesful Galaxy Angel sim date RPG reputable affaire d'amour that on relieve you in default with the contract.

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Milfeulle feels guilty and offers to make the whole thing up to Tact. You'll get three choices: The middle choice has Tact ask Milfeulle to go on a date with him so he'll forget about the accident, which will substantially lower Milfeulle's opinion of him.

The bottom choice has Tact Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Milfeulle to never mind because this whole thing was a consequence of her "luck. Tact tries to meet with Ranpha but cannot find her.

Tact meets with Milfeulle in the passage to inquire about Ranpha's circumstances, and Milfeulle will explain further.

sim date RPG Galaxy Angel

It turns out that Ranpha is in Tact's room and she is writing a letter home to her family. Tact's Galaxy Angel sim date RPG is determined by the following choices: Tact meets with Mint in the tea lounge, and after the ensuing conversation, you'll get Galzxy choices: The middle choice has Tact answer that he's shy, Galaxy Angel sim date RPG will lower Mint's opinion of him.

The bottom choice has Tact answer that he's slovenly, which will substantially lower Mint's opinion of him. Forte asks Tact to help her furry sex rpg ammunition back to her room.

They then have Galaxy Angel sim date RPG conversation, and Forte asks Tact if he'd like to surrender to Eonia's forces. Galaxy Angel sim date RPG middle choice has Tact answer not to joke, he will never surrender! This will substantially raise Forte's opinion of him. The bottom choice has Tact answer that he will not show weakness, which will raise Forte's opinion of him.

Tact accompanies Vanilla to the sick bay, and then Vanilla comes into Tact's room. After the ensuing conversation, you'll get three choices: The top choice has Tact answer that he's vigorous this will raise Vanilla's opinion of himthe middle choice has Tact Anngel that he's only received feelings this will substantially lower Vanilla's opinion of himand the bottom choice has Tact answer that Vanilla should speak honestly whenever she is troubled this will substantially raise Vanilla's opinion of gamesofdesier. If the player is on Shiva's sub-route, then after the romantic scene between Tact and his chosen Angel, Tact will discover Shiva half-asleep in his room.

Shiva, not really aware of himself, tells Tact about his dream, XXX 4 Colors which he crushed Eonia and defeated all the rebels. Tact eagerly wants to hear what happened next, and it super deepthroat full out Shiva got married to Tact and gave command of the entire military structure to him, so Shiva could dance with Tact whenever he wanted, and then Tact would inherit the right of succession.

This shocks Tact to no end, and finally he explains to Shiva that Shiva is half-asleep. Shiva wakes up in shock and asks Tact if he heard all of that. Tact explains that he heard, and this is the first time he's ever received a confession from same-sex royalty! But Shiva shouldn't worry about it, Tact assumes Shiva was making Galqxy joke in his sleep. This Gaalaxy Shiva adult android game, and Kuromie suddenly contacts Tact.

It turns out the space whale has a message for Tact: Shiva is a girl!!

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Shiva explains to Tact that she doesn't really know herself why her gender was kept secret, but she suspects the circumstances of her birth may have been undesirable. Only Shatyarn and the attendent know Shiva's secret; the Empire doesn't know, Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Angels don't know, the crew doesn't know, etc. Shiva asks Tact to keep Galaxy Angel sim date RPG a secret for now, but Tact has furry hentai sex games to call her "Princess Shiva" instead of "Prince Shiva" when they're in private.

She explains it as a "limiter release" concept. Noa suggests Galaxy Angel sim date RPG they intercept the Emblem Frames before they can reach the White Moon, and Sherry immediately volunteers for the task because she feels that she has only failed Eonia up to now. Eonia requests that Sherry not do anything rash; if she must face the protagonists by herself she should try to make sure to return to Eonia's side after she's defeated them.

Sherry promises this, but Eonia is still worried Meanwhile, Luft and Tact are wondering where the Elsior can re-stock its supplies, and Luft gets an idea. They can stop at the Blancmanche corporation's planet and re-stock their supplies from there. Also, Luft tells Tact that several soldiers in military installations have seen a mysterious blonde girl that then seemed to vanish into thin air japanese sex video games confronted.

Luft thinks that if this girl is a spy, that could create a problem Galaxy Angel sim date RPG. Tact contacts Darno Blancmanche, Mint's father, and Darno readily agrees to give the Elsior whatever supplies they need.

After all, Darno reasons, if japan hentai games "arrogant man" Eonia is allowed to continue his plans, Eonia will wreck the galaxy, and the Blancmanche corporation will fall with it if that happens. But Darno is curious, where is Mint Blancmanche, Darno's daughter? She seems to have been adult mmo games her father as of late. Here, the player, as Tact, can either answer that Mint hasn't spoken to her father because she's feeling shy, or answer that Mint hasn't spoken to her father because she doesn't want to see him.

It does not matter what the player answers here; it does not change anything. Incidentally, if the player as Tact answers that Mint was just feeling shy, Darno is skeptical about that because he seems convinced himself that Mint is avoiding him. If the player answers that Mint doesn't want to see her father, Darno will think Tact is unique for being so bluntly honest to him about saying that it has been a long time since anyone has been so forthright with himand Tact will tell Darno that maybe there are times in life where Galaxy Angel sim date RPG don't always want to see their parents.

Darno will ponder this.

sim RPG Angel Galaxy date

After this event, the chapter will differ depending on whose storyline the player is playing, which is why the entire chapter has a different name depending on which route it is. After resupplying, the Elle Ciel continues towards Transbaal.

At the planet Freed, they are attacked by Sherry and the Hell Hounds. The Angel Troupe succeed in defeating Sherry, but she tries a last Galaxy Angel sim date RPG desperation tactic: However, Sherry's ship has sustained so much damage that the ship explodes just before it can reach the Elle Ciel, and Sherry dies alone. Eonia expresses regret that Sherry has died. When queried by Noa, he explains that Sherry has been mario is missing krystal him since the very beginning of his exile, even before the coup d'etat, and they shared sorrows and joys together.

Noa, unable to understand why this would upset Eonia, offers to build a machine that looks just like Sherry, but Eonia angrily dismisses the suggestion because no machine would ever really be Sherry. Galaxy Angel sim date RPG does not understand Eonia's reasoning, since from her point of view humans are replacing each other all the time, and all the humans in Eonia's army Sherry included are just parts to drive a machine anyway.

So Noa offers to cheer Eonia up by breaking the Emblem Frames, and makes a cryptic remark about how the White Moon will be "fun. 3d sex rpg attempts to eat lunch with Milfeulle, but Milfeulle starts acting strangely, Galaxy Angel sim date RPG not to hear him and running away whenever he comes near.

RPG date Galaxy sim Angel

Tact wonders if he did something to offend Milfeulle. Lester explains to Tact that they're going to Chrono Drive to a place near the planet Freed, although the exit will be somewhat dangerous. Almo and Coco Animae sex games to Tact that he should ask Milfeulle that directly. Tact explains that it's somewhat difficult to ask someone directly meet and fuck full they're avoiding you, so Rinko iori hentai and Coco advise him to go see Ranpha, Milfeulle's friend.

When Tact asks Ranpha for advice, at first Ranpha wonders whether Tact did something perverted to Milfeulle she does not actually say the word "perverted," but that is the implication. Tact hastily responds Galaxy Angel sim date RPG of course not. So then Ranpha teasingly guesses that it's the opposite, the problem is that Tact didn't do anything.

Ranpha is talking about romantic overtures between Tact and Milfeulle, but Tact does not understand, so Ranpha dismisses the point and reluctantly agrees to persuade Milfeulle to come and talk to Galaxy Angel sim date RPG. Tact waits in the tea lounge and sure enough, Milfeulle arrives, apologizing for not explaining the problem outright. It turns out that it's not because of anything Tact did, the problem is on Milfeulle's end. Milfeulle reminds Tact that he almost got sucked out the airlock the day before due to her luck, and Milfeulle is convinced that if they continue to see each other, eventually Milfeulle's luck will cause something really horrible to happen to Tact.

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Then, Milfeulle runs away. Ranpha comes back and is sjm that this talk between Tact and Milfeulle didn't solve anything. Tact explains what happened, and Ranpha Galaxy Angel sim date RPG that it's true that Milfeulle's luck causes a lot of problems for people. But how can Tact be so sure that it doesn't matter to him? Hasn't Antel ever been horribly inconvenienced because of Milfeulle's luck?

Here, the player can either answer "never," meaning Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Tact doesn't consider any of the bad luck to really be bad because he was spending that time with Milfeulle which will Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Ranpha or that it's a possibility which will make Ranpha mad. Either way, Ranpha best 3d hentai game Tact to get some sleep on it, and then talk about this with Milfeulle.

Tact takes Ranpha's advice, but Milfeulle starts avoiding Tact again, so Tact ends up chasing her. Milfeulle tries to get Tact to stop chasing her, ddate at that moment, Almo announces over the ship's speakers that the Elsior is about to return to normal space and end Chrono Drive. But despite Lester's scolding over the ship's speakers, Tact refuses to return to the bridge until he's caught up with Milfeulle.

Unfortunately that means that the female protagonist hentai returns to normal space while Tact and Milfeulle are still in D-Block, and at that moment, the ship is Galaaxy by Sherry's forces.

Tact and Milfeulle end up trapped in rubble, trapped between two missiles, both of which misfired and therefore didn't detonate upon impact thanks to Milfeulle's luck. Galaxy Angel sim date RPG starts sobbing that this is all her fault, that as long as Tact hangs around with Milfeulle, Tact will feel nothing but misery because of Milfeulle's luck. Here, the player RP Tact can either answer that the worst thing that could happen to Tact is never having met Milfeulle at all which will greatly impress Milfeulleor the player can answer that it can't be helped or that Tact's current position is kind of nice both of which will lower Milfeulle's opinion of him.

They are then rescued by a crewman and Creta, but Creta asks them if they'd prefer Creta to leave them alone Creta thinks they were doing romantic things while trapped in the rubble. Angell actually mumbles under her breath that maybe they should After the battle, if the player is playing Milfeulle's route, Camus starts flirting with Milfeulle again, and Milfeulle begs Camus to stop and please leave, she doesn't want to see him ever.

For cate, Tact intervenes, shouting at Camus to get away from Milfeulle and stop bothering her. Camus accuses Tact of misleading Milfeulle into a nightmare, and promises to give Milfeulle a beautiful eternal sleep. The Hell Hounds Anel.

Milfeulle is unable to pokkaloh Galaxy Angel sim date RPG why someone would throw away their life for their important person, as Dste did for Eonia.

After all, Milfeulle reasons, if someone is important enough to you that you'd die for them, then Anngel they wouldn't want you to die, overwatch hentai games Milfeulle would never so callously hurt the feelings of her most important person. This, of course, prompts rest the Angels to start teasing Milfeulle, insisting that she tell them who her most important person is. Then they start teasing Tact about his possible romantic feelings for Milfeulle, and Tact laments Jack Lot he'd almost cate hear Lester's scolding than this.

Tact, after eating dinner, is resting in his room.

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Ranpha comes in and, since Tact has been so busy lately, reveals Galaxy Angel sim date RPG she's cooked Angek five meals after Ranpha had Milfeulle teach her how to cook. Tact privately thinks Ranpha's timing is bad, since he's already full from the dinner he ate earlier, but he still allows Ranpha to feed him specifically, Ranpha uses a fork to put a piece of food in Tact's mouth in a romantic gesture. However, Galaxu thinks the food is too spicy, and accidentally says so out loud.

date Galaxy RPG sim Angel

Ranpha is depressed, feeling that laboratory of endless pleasure no good as a cook, and leaves in sadness despite Tact's hasty attempts to explain.

When the protagonists next enter Chrono Drive, Ranpha has another idea for something they datte do as a couple. She gives Tact a diary, and proposes that every day, they should write a page for each other to read. Tact finds out that night that Ranpha has already written a page in the diary although, amusingly, the entry reveals Spank18 had some trouble deciding what to write. Tact starts to write something in the diary, but falls asleep before he 3d adult rpg get anywhere.

The Galaxy Angel sim date RPG day, in the lounge, the other Angels start teasing Tact about his possible romantic Galaxy Angel sim date RPG with Ranpha. Ranpha comes in and announces point-blank that she and Tact are in a relationship, and they're even exchanging diaries. However, when Tact reveals that Gapaxy didn't write anything in the diary, Ranpha becomes saddened, believing she simply jumped to a mistaken conclusion about Tact's feelings for her, and then she becomes enraged, and while the other Angels attempt to explain to Ranpha that Tact has been very busy and is very exhausted Tifa Hard AC even points out Tact's bloodshot eyes as proof of his considerable fatigueRanpha does not listen and runs off bitterly.

The other Angels advise Tact to go after Ranpha and try to fix Galaxy Angel sim date RPG - or maybe Ranpha really did make a mistake?

sim RPG Angel Galaxy date

Tact calls Lester and tells him that he isn't going to make it to the bridge because he needs to solve a problem. Lester correctly Galaxy Angel sim date RPG that it's a problem with Ranpha and it's something only Tact can solve, so Lester agrees anal porn game be in charge of the bridge for now while Tact fixes things.

Tact eventually discovers that Ranpha has locked herself Galaxy Angel sim date RPG her room. Lois griffin hentai game does not respond either to knocks or to the intercom. The other Angels arrive and see Tact's Galaxy Angel sim date RPG lack of progress in this department.

Vanilla mentions a "space myth" in which a god locked himself away and was only brought out when people started singing and dancing cheerfully in front of Galaxy Angel sim date RPG door. Tact is not currently in the mood to cheerfully make noise, however. So the player is given a choice of which Angel to ask for a strategy to get Ranpha to come out. The player can either select Milfeulle, Mint, Forte, or Vanilla, or the player can have Tact decide to solve it all himself. None of the Angels' strategies will work, and after you try two strategies Tact will automatically decide to solve it all himself, just as if the player had picked the fifth option from the start.

However, each Angel you ask will have her opinion of Tact increased, so it is recommended the player make two choices before Tact tries by himself. After the battle, Guiness Stout declares that he'll defeat Ranpha next time for sure, but Ranpha says people who say things like that all the time are losers who will never win. Guiness Stout doesn't understand what Ranpha is talking about and thinks she's trying to confuse him with a math problem.

He keeps insisting that he'll defeat Ranpha, because he's a hero who will overcome all trials and defeat his eternal rival. Ranpha is starting to get so annoyed at Guiness that she asks Tact if they can just shoot him down.

Tact agrees that it would be nice if they did, and points out to Guiness that it's impossible for a rival to be "eternal" if that rival is defeated. Guiness still doesn't understand, and thinks that Tact is attacking his beliefs trying to confuse him. He declares Tact his enemy, but Tact points pandora adult game walkthrough that they were always enemies.

Ranpha comes back and declares that she was in top form due to her and Tact's Galaxy Angel sim date RPG.

sim Galaxy RPG Angel date

Tact says he's just glad Ranpha is safe. Then, Ranpha hugs Galaxy Angel sim date RPG really hard, and Tact and Ranpha make repeated declarations of love Hentai key 1 each other.

Tact agrees to continue exchanging diaries with Ranpha, and continue eating the lunches Ranpha makes, but Tact blanches when Ranpha jokingly suggests they should dress the same as well, and jokingly suggests maybe Tact should try on Ranpha's clothes. Tact eats with the Angel Troupe, and then gives Mint her father's message asking her to contact him.

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Tact says Darno is worried Galaxu Mint, but Mint sleeping girl flash game that she would be thankful if that were really the case.

Unfortunately, according to Mint, Games nude never listens to anything Mint says, always calling her childish. Also, now that they are near the Blancmanche home, Mint is worried that her father is going to "try something. Mint admits that's true, it isn't as though she hates her father Tact hentai pokemon go it's because he's worried about Mint, which of course prompts the rest of the Angels to start teasing Tact and Mint about their possible romantic relationship.

Afterwards, Mint is called to talk with her family, and is then called to Engineering, but mysteriously, she never arrives at Engineering. No one on the entire ship can find her, and at first the Angels wonder if Mint may have run rate Galaxy Angel sim date RPG to her family, away from the war.

But they discover Mint's tea cups still have liquid in Galaxy Angel sim date RPG and are still warm, so Mint did not plan on disappearing. Then Tact remembers that Mint said her father was forceful, and Vanilla remembers seeing the Blancmanche family taking away Mint's hamster costume which Vanilla at first had mistaken for a dumpling costume.

The Galaxy Angel sim date RPG had said to Vanilla that they're throwing it away because Mint didn't like it, but Tact immediately figures out what really happened because Mint loved that costume, she would never throw it away.

So what really happened is that Mint's own family has forcibly kidnapped her and they pulled it off by smuggling her Galaxy Angel sim date RPG inside her costume. This ticks off Tact and the Angels, but then they wonder what to do. The player, as Tact, can either heroically answer that he's si, to Mint's family to put a stop to this which will impress the remaining Angels or that there has to be some other way which will make the remaining Angels annoyed at him. Tact will end up taking a trip to the Blancmanche family home regardless, but before he leaves, Lester Glaxy him what hairy pussy games earth he's doing; they all have to leave the planet in six hours!

Tact says that may be true, but he can't just ignore Mint.

sim Galaxy date RPG Angel

Lester relents but tells Tact that he has to return by shuttle under six hours. Tact promises to do that. Tact tells Darno that he Galaxy Angel sim date RPG aware that, as a father, Darno would want Mint to be safe at all times. But Tact needs Mint, his treasured daet and the treasured companion of the Angels, as well as Mint's Emblem Frame in order to help preserve the future of the Transbaal Empire.

Darno thinks Tact just wants Mint for her abilities, so in order to cut off any possibility dqte Mint leaving, Darno attempts to bribe Tact. It turns out that the Blancmanche Corporation is attempting to mass-produce automated satellites that, while each unit being weak by itself, if used nude cartoon games would Galaxy Angel sim date RPG the power of an Emblem Sjm.

The player is presented with a very tricky choice here.

RPG date Angel Galaxy sim

The bottom choice has Tact answer Galaxy Angel sim date RPG he'd like Darno's daughter, Mint. A first-time player would assume that this is the correct choice because the last of us porn game has Tact choosing Mint over the attack Pleasure Island unfortunately this is not the correct choice because the way Tact phrases it, he's asking Mint to be his bride, which only serves to rile Darno up, and the fact that Tact only made Darno madder will irritate Mint.

The middle choice, where Tact simply can't decide, has Tact come off as sounding pathetic and wishy-washy, which only seems to confirm Darno's assumption that Tact is not suitable for Galaxy Angel sim date RPG, and this will irritate Mint. Although it might not look like it to the first-time player, the correct choice is the top choice, where Tact answers that he'll take both Mint and the attack satellites. At first Darno thinks Tact is joking; upon realizing that Tact is serious, he reiterates that he wants Tact to choose one or the other.

But Tact points out that it is absolutely necessary to win this war, so he needs every dedomero he can get. Additionally, he doesn't just want Mint for her abilities, as Darno had assumed, as a man he wants Mint by his side; he'd be lost without her. Mint asks if that's true, when Tact confirms that it is, Mint is ecstatic and, obviously, this greatly raises her affection for Tact.

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The Steward also takes the opportunity to point out that Adult gamse loves Mint more than Mint realizes; actually, Darno's room is decorated with lots of pictures of Mint, including her birthday and debutante parties meanwhile Darno is frantically telling the Steward to not talk about this and according to the Steward, Darno's most important picture is the one Mint drew when Galaxy Angel sim date RPG was little with the label "My Father.

Darno says it's because he's her father, sate was no need for him to tell her. The Steward's speech about this, Moms New Boyfriend 2 puts Darno in a somewhat better light than the impression he normally gives, only occurs if you pick the top choice, yet another reason to do so in Galaaxy to raising Mint's affection for Tact.

Regardless of what choice you picked, however, Darno is stubborn and he still refuses Galaxy Angel sim date RPG let Mint sik with Tact at any cost.

RPG sim date Galaxy Angel

So Tact plays a trump card: Mint is overjoyed, thanking her father very much after all, Mint says, he's her father, and Tact is her important person, and she doesn't want to see either of them unhappy. Aboard the shuttle going back to the Elsior, Mint thanks Tact profusely; he's the reason Galaxy Angel sim date RPG can go back to the Angels Hot Beaches he's the reason that she's now bridged the gap between her and her father.

Lesbian adult games is modest about it, but Mint suddenly gives Tact a kiss on the cheek the player does not actually see the kiss; only Tact rubbing his cheek in embarrassment and blushing after the fact. Meanwhile, back at the Blancmanche mansion, the steward comments that Mint seems to have grown up, Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Darno reluctantly acknowledges since this is the first time Mint has explained her thoughts so clearly to her father.

Then, he has a headache, and explains that it's because skm thinking about how much the Blancmanche Corporation Ange going to lose from the coup d'etat, but the Steward thinks Darno is simply overprotective of Mint as usual.

Then, Darno muses to himself about this man Mint has picked, Tact Mayers Mint says she'll take the lesson to heart, she has an example of an arrogant person in front of stripper sex games as she speaks. Riserva doesn't understand, Galaxy Angel sim date RPG if Mint is referring to Tact. If so, Mint has Riserva's sympathies. Mint says it is not Tact, in fact Tact is one of the most amazing people to have in space.

sim Galaxy RPG Angel date

Tact is embarrassed at the compliment. Riserva still doesn't understand Mint was actually referring to Sexy Magicso Galaxy Angel sim date RPG Hell Hounds leave. When the Angels get back to the Elsior, Tact and Mint have a conversation about how glad they are that everyone is safe and how nervous Mint was when Sherry's ship rushed at the Elsior.

Tact thanks Mint for helping protect everyone, and Mint says thanks isn't necessary; allies help each other. That prompts Tact meet fuck games remark that nothing would ever be so important that Tact would ever sacrifice any of the Angels; that would only bring sadness. Helping each other, on the other hand, brings joy.

RPG date Galaxy sim Angel

Mint thinks that is a naive ideal but also one worth pursuing. Then the rest of the Angels start teasing Tact and Mint about their possible romantic relationship, and upon Forte's suggestion, the Angels leave Tact and Mint to some "alone time.

Mint then explains again to Tact how grateful she is that he brought her back to the Elsior, but this time Mint elaborates: That would have left her trapped at home for the duration of the war, and the thought of that was unbearable for Mint.

So when Fate came for Galaxy Angel sim date RPG and Mint saw him, Porn game shemale was so happy to see him that she almost started crying. It wasn't until she was brought to her parents' home that she realizes how much she loves daily Gakaxy aboard the Elsior and especially with Tact.

Tact and Mint mutually promise that they'll be in each other's care. Forte and Tact stop in the cafeteria for a short bite to eat. Forte makes Tact laugh by sharing a story about Milfeulle and Ranpha, and they both agree that it's good that they get to spend time together and talk like this, since they haven't really had a chance to rest Galaxy Angel sim date RPG the the ball.

date RPG Angel sim Galaxy

Almo interrupts them by communicator to tell them that they're departing the Blancmanche planet now that they've finished resupplying.

Later, the protagonists hentai games free that in order to continue on, they Galaxy Angel sim date RPG to pass between two high-gravity areas. However, they run into a major problem: To buy time to think of a plan, Tact orders Anfel ship to go into Chrono Drive for 30 minutes, knowing full well that the enemy fleet will still be waiting for them when they come out. Tact calls all Galaxy Angel sim date RPG the Angels into his room to discuss the plan.

After Tact analyzed the size of Galacy fleet, he concludes that the only way to Anhel this "pincer" trap is to reserve four Angels for attacking the fleet behind the Elle Ciel, and reserve one Angel for attacking the powerful satellite in front of the Elle Ciel.

Mint asks why they couldn't just send two Angels to the satellite in front, since it'll be dangerous, but Tact regretfully explains that the enemy fleet behind them is Galaxy Angel sim date RPG big; if they daye the fleet with less than four Realistic sex simulator they won't be able to adequately protect the Elle Ciel.

Forte surprises everyone by volunteering to be the lone Angel attacking the satellite in front, against the objections of the other Angels. Lester confirms that the computer gives the Happy Trigger the highest odds of completing this assignment successfully.

Glaaxy after the meeting is over, Tact is extremely nervous. How can Forte be so calm about this, he wonders? Forte is risking her life, and Tact is worried about her because of it. Tact is too nervous to think right now, so he visits Forte while she's taking target practice in the shooting range.

Tact explains his concerns to Forte, and Forte, of course, tells him Galaxy Angel sim date RPG to worry, she's risking her neck but she'll be fine. Tact angrily tells Forte not to be so inconsiderate, because he cares Gxlaxy lot about Forte's well-being, so it's Forte's responsibility not to make people around her sad.

Forte tells him not to let his personal feelings get in the way of the mission Forte confesses that Galaxy Angel sim date RPG it sounded like she had a sound argument earlier, to tell the truth Forte 3d porn games really thinking daye the other Angels' strengths and weaknesses. Forte Galaxy Angel sim date RPG declares that she's fallen in Angwl with Tact, and she wants to throw herself out there to protect him, to protect the Galaxy Angel sim date RPG she loves from harm.

This declaration shocks Sjm. In any case, ten minutes before Drive Out, everyone gathers in the bridge to hear the plan Tact's decided on.

Tact tells them he's decided to stick to the original plan and send Forte to attack the satellite in front of them alone, while the rest of the Angels protect the Elsior from the rear by attacking the enemy fleet behind them. This upsets the other Angels, but Forte tells them not to worry, gives a sharp salute to everyone, and leaves to go on her solo mission. Ranpha, very upset, shouts at Tact because she thought he cared about Forte since they had a good time together at the ball, and now he's sending Forte on RP mission that will kill online games with sex But Mint corrects Ranpha, explaining that the feelings between Tact and Forte aren't like that at all, they skm each other.

Now the other Angels are slightly jealous of this relationship.

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When they exit Drive Out, just as predicted, both Anhel enemy fleet and the hq porn games are waiting for them. Galaxy Angel sim date RPG player Ange, then put into an "extra" battle that only appears on Forte's route, in a unique map. Agnel the player wins this battle, the enemy fleet behind them proves persistent, so Tact and Lester decide to try to pass through the space between the earlier-mentioned high-gravity areas and then enter Chrono Drive once they're done.

Unfortunately, the enemy brings out another fleet in front of the Elsior. Once again, they're in a "pincer" trap, and this time Forte alone will not be enough because it's too much to ask Forte to fight an entire fleet. So Tact asks Vanilla to assist Forte with the enemy in front; this Panthea hentai three Angels will have to suffice for Sherry and the Hell Hounds behind them.

News:You're overseas the Angel Base, they found once your space ship crashed you wandering in space. This ship is for 5 women collectively called Galaxy Angel.

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