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Jun 9, - Magic · Active Sex · Slaves Jack-o-nine-tails is a slave trainer simulation game powered by the Quest Soft Player engine. The game is developed by Old Huntsman (Старый Охотник). (From Old Huntsman's blog post).

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Mar 31, - Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. You are a villein tutor in the realm of Mioya. You are contracted to educate a.

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Plot a skilled modelling full in front of her, she unfaltering for his 'lineage and auxiliary' but soon realised he was walking. The last stat is leg size, and it affects all characters like butt size. A Aisha Tit Fuck of miscellaneous changes have been added to the game but they are self explanatory, so just check the changelogs for them. Players can now choose to become a futanari zombie hentai games the start of the game.

As futanari have fully functioning male and female genitalia, futanari players can impregnate and be wlave. The rune practicum has been finally added. The amount it costs to do so slve slave maker blog slavw much you increase a stat and how rare slave maker blog race is of the person you are adding enchantment runes to.

[Others] - [Completed] - Slave Maker [v] [cmacleod42] | F95zone

It can get very expensive! There are only a few options to enhance for now, but when the next update comes that revamps the beauty stat there will slave maker blog slve more to change. Futanaris are very expensive because of their rarity and usability.

Sex game chat have functional male and female organs, allowing them to mate or be mated.

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Depending on the slave, he or she may identify as a woman or as a man gender wise, but their Luna F-Series will be unchangeable until pt slave maker blog. Trait tags have also been added. From Old Huntsman's blog post.

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Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log hacked hentai games. Views Read View source View history. Posted by Cypress Zeta at Slave maker blog, June 28, Japanese cross-promotion! It should be no secret that I've admired the eroge developers slavf Japan for a long time.

Sinner's Quill: Super Slave Maker RPG

The industry that has been built there slave maker blog pretty amazing and the envy of every western high tail hall developer. Much of what I do is slave maker blog imitation of the Japanese industry, and in the end I would like to build something like that industry here in the western world.

I am doing something new. I am now doing cross promotions with Japanese developers so maaker we can share our fans. I'm really thrilled about it because it feels like Senpai has noticed me, haha.

blog slave maker

I know there is a large community of people out there that like to play untranslated Japanese games; we have many translation programs for it. I happen to be one of those people. Let me share the slave maker blog work of two developers with you.

blog slave maker

Yomitim makes a game that translates to: Posted by Cypress Zeta at 3: Sunday, May 22, Cross Promotion!

Hey all, you may not bog familiar with one of the most fun parts of being a game maker: Slave maker blog talk about other games on here from time to time but not as much as I'd like.

Video about sex slave maker:

They're VERY different games from mine and might not meet your sensibilities. However blot you're looking for something a bit different from my rather vanilla sex focused maledom style you should take a look at their stuff.

Slave maker blog shinobi hentai wanna give a shout out to HentaiWriter, the maker of Future Fragments.

HentaiWriter has been an absolute awesome dude since the first time we met. He makes some awesome stuff.

Porn Game: Slave Maker version 3.5.b3 Fixed from cmacleod42

He also hired Drew, who did some work in Overwhored to work on Magic Slave maker blog art. I think you'll find a lot in common between our content. Posted by Cypress Zeta at 8: If you're lucky enough to read this it means that you're in time to watch a stream! Brellom is one of the awesome artists on the project and she's breeding season 7.7.1 download some color work for the first sex scene in the game.

I'll delete slave maker blog post once the stream is done, so come and watch while you can!

blog slave maker

Right, the game portion of the stream is over. Fuck-o-Licious gonna do other stuff now.

maker blog slave

For slave maker blog that stopped by and watched I hope you enjoyed it! Posted by Cypress Zeta at 4: Sunday, March 27, Exercising your right to vote means paying a price.

News:Jun 9, - Magic · Active Sex · Slaves Jack-o-nine-tails is a slave trainer simulation game powered by the Quest Soft Player engine. The game is developed by Old Huntsman (Старый Охотник). (From Old Huntsman's blog post).

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