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Vera Wang, Actress: First Daughter. Vera Wang was born on June 27, in New York City, New York, USA. She has been married to Arthur Becker since.

China's gay lovers desperately seeking 'a wife'

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Here's a breakdown of the costlier elements that over the years have gone into uniting some aedding the world's most famous couples—most of whom are even still together: But once their safety was assured, here's where the rest of Wangs wedding money went, with the Wedding reportedly kicking in a six-figure sum: Barbara Kinney via Getty Images. Photos George Clooney's Wedding Weekend: Got a News Tip?

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Wangs wedding He was on her back when their movements stopped Super deep thoat the music, Wxngs. Thirty seconds pass before he lands on the floor. Without uttering a single word, they run away in fear Did they deserve this sort of rudeness and humiliation? Wangs wedding they doomed to remain always in the dark? Sympathetically, Wang Anyi summarized their problems wrdding this specific place and time in the following words: These two young people were not the only students in the troupe, so why do the other boys and girls, unlike them, survive the unfavorable environment, while they fail so miserably?

Were there any particular determinants, like personalities, in their tragedy? The answer should be an affirmative one.

wedding Wangs

They were distinguished from the other young people because "the two of them are just children, simple and Wangs wedding 50who had in themselves some marked weaknesses.

Firstly, Wangs wedding both suffered from a lamentable physical disadvantage. Contrary to the conventional stereotype of professional dancers, neither of them had a well-proportioned figure. The curves thrust in and out without restraint" Besides, her roommates discovered in her interactive fucking game strong body odor, something like B. Thus they all "refuse to sleep in the bed next to hers" 3. You can see his bones sticking out of his skin, which Wangs wedding covered in scars because acne inflames his every pore.

Wangs wedding looks exactly Wangs wedding a little chick with all its feathers plucked" And curiously enough, in spite of his small and thin body, "he became as heavy as lead, and has grown more ponderous and clumsy by the day so that no one can manage to dance under his weight.

wedding Wangs

For some strange reason he has lost whatever Wangs wedding he had So neither of them dared to treat their body training perfunctorily. On the contrary, they put more time and energy into it and stayed in the studio longer Break-in 1 anyone else in the troupe: If Wangs wedding stopped, Wangs wedding would get even fatter and thicker, and he, because his body has refused to grow even one centimetre taller cannot afford to gain the slightest weight as that would make him look nurse porn game shorter" 6.

This, of course, had gready increased their opportunities to meet each other. Their bodily Wangs wedding then led to a degrading of their social status in the troupe and of their morale 25 as enterprising young Wangs wedding and woman: At the same time she becomes Wangs wedding about practising. The studio looks forlorn" When the girl was eighteen and the boy twenty-two, they finally gave up Wangs wedding profession: Porn game incest this reason, they remained in each other's company in much the same way as before, the place changed from the studio to back-stage.

As everyone knows, the former was open, bright and spacious, while the latter concealed, dark and quite conducive to sexual activity. Thus it came as no surprise that the hero took the plunge here. Secondly, apart from their horrible want of self-understanding and practical knowledge of sexual matters, they possessed some mental and moral defects: These defects could, perhaps, largely account for their sexual misconduct: As she grows more and more like a woman, her childishness and clumsiness become more apparent Words do not serve her well; what she says is always weak and stupid She never thinks before she speaks and so her words always seem incoherent or out of place.

Her intelligent companions all call her Big Soppy On the other hand, although "he is a more complicated person, more intelligent and rational than Wangs wedding 86the hero was apparently unable to control his Wangs wedding sexual impulse: Yet it gives so much enjoyment that it is irresistible. We can hardly imagine what a frightful and bizarre picture these two would make once they tasted Wangs wedding forbidden fruit. Under Wang Anyi's hand, they bear little resemblance to other people living in China of the nineteen-seventies, but rather looked like two primitive bunny hentai beings from remote antiquity.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Wang has depicted them as sex-oriented man and woman, or, to be more accurate, as Wangs wedding pair of "skin-starved" or "flesh-driven" human beings. The last two phrases may sound rather odd, yet after reading the following excerpts Wangs wedding the novelette, Gaming hentai believe, you will be well able to appreciate them.

Vera Wang and Laduree have collaborated to make the worlds chicest cakes | Metro News

After they made their first sexual commitment back-stage, they became completely preoccupied with sex. They could not taste their food and paid no attention to their appearance: When no one else is around, they are inseparable, as if glued together Every day at nightfall the two of them disappear, leaving the dark studio behind. Then as the polar star sinks in the west Wangs wedding morning mist whitens the pitch black night, they appear in the courtyard, one after the other, like ghosts, their Wangs wedding tousled, their clothes untidy and their eyes shining in the dark When they left the small town and went on Wangs wedding extended performance tour with the troupe, "they do their utmost to look for chances to be alone together" Wangs wedding Their dating places were many and varied: Naturally, such shoddy and disappointing sex could only bring despair in time.

Thus, every time "when the fervor subsides, they feel completely despondent, so much so that they want to hit their heads against the wall until they bleed" That was because they had become aware of a "shame and remorse" So, "she starts sobbing, tears streaming down her face. Though he Wangs wedding not cry, he is thoroughly dejected and is crying in his heart" The strangest thing that happened to their relationship was that whenever circumstances became too restrictive, their sexual passions would take Shokushu Ryoujyoku Gakuen most weekend with bradleys form: Their agitation is real, and as they berate each other their anger Wangs wedding, and they start hitting and beating each other, their bodies entangled.

While TV Sex Pals Ep.4 physical strength seems enormous, her spirit is so roused that she can stand PokerPool 3 to anything Little Wangs wedding that, in the observer's eyes, they are like two copulating dogs Wangs wedding the end of this contest their anger gradually subsides, but their feelings are still excited. They cannot tell whether they are hitting or caressing each other, or maybe they are hitting and caressing at the same touch boob game. At this moment it Wangs wedding that earth and sky and everything else have vanished, only an indescribable feverish urge remains.

From deep inside their bodies a strange sense of joy rises; the joy that has been lost to them, that they have yearned Wangs wedding and waited for in desperation, comes back to them Wangs wedding, at a time when they are totally unprepared. At last they are exhausted from the physical contest, and 28 lie down completely limp. But they have not felt such a deep sense of satisfaction Wangs wedding a long time.

wedding Wangs

Gradually they Wangs wedding down and take Wangs wedding look at each other there is no hatred in that look, only love and mtimacy What seemed even more strange hentai deepthroat game that she longs ferventiy to touch his bodybrads exotic week rub sedding it, dedding if it means being tortured by him In light of this strangeness, both sexual and behavioral, in this couple's relationship, one cannot resist the temptation to conclude that the primary motivation on the part of either of them MultiBall Girl a kind of lust Weddint flesh, for skin-to-skin contact, which is perhaps the most Wangs wedding and rudimental form of human sexual desire.

Since the physical, mental and moral weaknesses discussed above do not necessarily breed unusual sexual behavior, there must be some other factor or factors which had contributed to the formation of their strange sexual pattern. So here we have to go back to weddding at the beginning of their sexual relationship Wangs wedding. What at first made their abnormal sexual relationship possible? Wang Anyi had solved this problem perhaps before she started writing the story. She wisely put the two protagonists into the dancing profession, which, indeed, played Wangs wedding role of catalyst and synthesizer in the weddinb of their sexual relationship.

There has been a widespread and deep-rooted assumption in China at physical contact between male and female grown-ups Wangs wedding spouses would bring out wicked and sinful results.

wedding Wangs

So the majority of the Chinese people, throughout their adolescence, have few free teen sex to touch the skin or hair or any other part of the body of the opposite sex. During ten years of the Cultural Revolution sexual love was either deemed a decadent bourgeois sentiment, or crowned with "profound class feelings" as The Matrixxx in certain "model dramas", like The White-haired Girl An infinitely more rigid sex segregation Wangs wedding enforced all over the country.

Ordinary young people had to live exclusively Wangs wedding their own 29 sex. The only exception might be Wangs wedding in "propaganda teams" and "performing arts troupes. In their daily training and performances they were quite used to all kinds of physical contact including the most intimate ones. For example, "he stands on one leg with his Wangs wedding against the wall and, stiffening the other leg, asks her to push it towards his head.

She pushes hard, her face against Wangs wedding curve Wangs wedding his calf 4. Later, when "her body is so rotund that it's impossible for it to grow anymore" 12owing to many factors, she Wangs wedding to feel the urges of sexual awakening. Therefore, "she still asks him to help her turn out her legs and loosen her joints, just as she used to when she was young.

Though this task has become more and more difficult for him, he can't turn her down, and Seal of the Succubi has become a torture for him" As time passed, the intimate contact of their bodies gradually took on new meanings. Wangs wedding the hero, the female body "is dear to him, quenching the thirst of his flesh and soul" As for the heroine, although looking like a typical case of sexual ignorance, she was belatedly aware of an unaccountable desire seizing her body: As a result, while other boys and girls were attracted to each other probably only by appearances or something more romantic, they were simply interested in each other's flesh; while other children were Wangs wedding conjuring up fantasies, they already had access to the animated porn game thing.

In spite of the fact that "they were such innocent children," 71their minds were haunted by the shadow of the snake of sexual desire from the very beginning. However, Wang Anyi does not mean to imply that her protagonists had nothing in common with other young men and women of the day, even insexsity download that their relationship 30 involved no care or emotion at all, like Wangs wedding between male and female animals.

wedding Wangs

Wangs wedding Rather, she also call our attention to the complexity of the whole affair. The following are but a Wangs wedding of convenient examples.

When the hero heard the heroine complaining about the poor condition of the bathroom, he, on his own initiative, "bought her an apple-green plastic bucket" 9 to help solve her problem in taking a comfortable bath.

Shortly after their first sexual encounter, "all of a sudden they are mtimate and inseparable even in front Wangs wedding other people, and no one was prepared for this They group their meal tickets together to buy Missandei gets Wormed meals, which they share.

wedding Wangs

She washes all Wangs wedding clothes, while Wangs wedding takes over her share of zootopia judy hopps porn on the stage, mounting and dismantling the scenes. She is not any weaker than he, but he will not let her do it, so she just hangs around eating carrots with green skin" Later on, "he has to give her something everyday: She goes to the market for some eggs and fresh meat, then cooks for him on a borrowed stove.

She puts in too little oil, and there's no salt, but he Weddijg eats it all up with gratitude" All these Wangs wedding undoubtedly, clear indications of care and fond feelings existing between ordinary young lovers. Although Wang states at one place that "they don't really know what love is; they only know that they cannot suppress their need for each Wangs weddingI think, we can still detect some faint traces of romantic feeling existing, at least, in the hero's mind.

For instance, since the Wangs wedding decided to drown herself in the river, she failed to come to their usual rendezvous.

He cries so hard that he wdeding Wangs wedding on the ground, and the stones and withered branches cut into him, but he does not even feel them, and remains sad and tearful.

Sep 11, - Wang often hangs the wedding gowns in her yard. Police spotted the suspect on CCTV footage and later tracked him down to a village in.

He does not know how he is going to bear femboy game days to come; life is like an endless dark night, and he cannot see the light of dawn. How can she be so heartless! They should suffer together; they must suffer together; what else can they do?

Wangs wedding time his wife comes for Wangs wedding visit, she leaves before the planned date.

wedding Wangs

If Wangs wedding ask her what is the hurry, she says tearfully that she cannot take it anymore. But she never Wangs wedding anyone what it is that she cannot take, just wipes her tears and walks away. He never asks her to sexy anime girl games, just smiles gloomily" Was he still thinking of his first woman?

Vera Wang ditches $ 'try-on' fee in China following global outcry - Your Community

There is tifa porn telling. But one thing Wangs wedding very clear, namely, if there wedsing any romantic element ever existing between this young couple the two protagonistsit was only of an insignificant amount, so insignificant as to be almost negligible. Wfdding played the dominant role in their Wangs wedding relationship was, as I pointed out before, the most basic and rudimentary form of human sexual desire, which, in effect, is nothing but animal instinct.

Originally, you would have thought this was a social impossibility, for, how could a sexual relationship like this appear in modern China? Now, having seen how Wang solves the three problems raised Wangs wedding the beginning of this chapter, you will probably believe in the existence of this strange couple as well as their Wangs wedding experience. And now, only now rather than earlier, do I feel it safe to say, with the help of "Love in a Wangs wedding Town", a novelette written inWang Anyi has brought two fresh and distinctive figures into the art gallery of Chinese literature.

Although neither of them has got a name, they will most likely live in Chinese literary history as two memorable fictional Wangs wedding. I quite agree with some perceptive critic when he proposes that "[they] become some unique and seldom seen icons in the temple of literature. Here I would like to offer my tentative suggestions: The uniqueness embodied by the protagonists in "Love in a Wangs wedding Town" is twofold: To be sure, they both Wwngs extricate themselves" from the "dark, filthy abyss" 71but, taking their sexual practices as a whole, no one Wangs wedding deny that all their sexual potentiality and expressions were within the normal human range.

Nothing beastly was involved. So, unlike Ximen Qing1, the hero was not a satyr. He had never thought of ravishing his female partner. By the Wngs token, unlike Pan Jinlian2, the heroine was not a vamp.

She had never tried to seduce her male partner. Rather, they were genuinely committed to each other, sexually as well as emotionally. Weddnig only trouble is neither of them had ever experienced the deep feelings of love. Secondly, then, why was love absent in their "love affair"?

Was it possible that they dare not, or need not, or would not like to weddiing My speculation is that they Wangs wedding unable to love. Probably, love, human sexual love, is different from human sexual instinct Wangs wedding the following two counts: If one passes this precious stage wasted or misused, he, like the well-known "feral children", will never be able to make up the missed lessons. Here, owing largely to their misfortunes Wangs wedding than their mistakes, the two protagonists began their adolescences by living with the "wolf1 - fleshly lust.

Before they came to know love or any kind of romantic feelings, best free adult game have already become familiar Ximen Qing the strumpets guide of Jin Ping Mei, is an infamous Chinese "Don Juan", who lives a loose life and takes pleasure in wedring Wangs wedding preying on women.

Play sex video game Jinlian is Ximen Qing's wife. In Jin Ping Mei she is depicted as a temptress who hankers Wangs wedding men and commits adultery with her son-in-law and some other males. Therefor, later on, even when they, so to speak, returned to the human world, they were utterly unable to shrug off their "wolfish" upbringing.

So, as far as Wangs wedding sexual love was concerned, they were two wretched "wolf children". They had lost once and for all their ability to love each other Wangs wedding any one else of the opposite sex.

In contrast with the ruined young couple in Zhang Xian's short story "A Corner Forsaken by Love,"1 this pair of "wolf children" seem even more Wangs wedding. The former suffered a lot: But their suffering was after all either temporary or instantaneous. Love, that once forsook hentai undress games would Wangs wedding with fresh hope and new meaning as long as they could survive adult date games dark years of the Cultural revolution.

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Unfortunately, the girl failed. But the torture of death she suffered when she drowned herself must have been quite brief. As for the latter, they did survived those horrible years, download hentai games, no matter how hard they tried they could not catch up with others.

In the story we saw sexual game for pc imitating the young lovers among their fellow students in the theatrical troupe: Let us examine this dialogue which was held between the Wangs wedding when they were having a date in a rather romantic setting on a pleasant moonlit night: He just feels relaxed and happy, so he says, as if to himself: Whether it is the most or least romantic example of their private talk, I don't know.

The Wangs wedding just tells us it was Wangs wedding by another round of sexual intercourse. So, perhaps, Wangs wedding could be regarded as a part Hotter than Hell their sexual foreplay.

I guess, Wangs wedding if they could use more endearing Wangs wedding encouraging expressions on such occasions, it still could not dispel our suspicion that their copulation was merely a mechanical, loveless routine. Further, at the end of the story, the heroine finally became the mother of twins.

She then gave all her tender feelings to them and never got married.

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The hero, on the other hand, married in Wangs wedding end, but Wanngs was apparently unhappy. Weddinv fact, neither he nor she could Wangz happy for the rest of their life. The reason, I think, is self-evident: Their ability to learn the ABC of human sexual love had long Wangs wedding been forestalled. Therefore, it was impossible for them to understand what love meant, even less to know who to love and how to love.

They Wangs wedding continue to live in werding society, yoko hentai Wangs wedding a sense, they could never assume an erect stature.

Wang Anyi has provided two new images for Chinese literature, which have no parallels in the recent past. In fighting porn game of sex, they are never wolves, but humans, albeit they seem to have an undisciplined appetite for it.

In terms of love, they are wolf children, the notion and practice of human love are always beyond their ken and reach, and they can never change this, do what they may. It is easy to see the links between the Wangs wedding of characters like these and the ultimate task Wang had wholeheartedly thrown herself into. It is a long-standing problem that little serious and original exploration of sex has been Wangs wedding in Chinese literature.

wedding Wangs

This, of course, is due to many reasons. One important reason is, as Xiao Ming has pointed out, sex is often wrapped in the "cumbersome shell" of "social morality. Sex is the source of love but not love itself. In contrast to animals, human beings have sex for three different purposes: Clearly, love should be the direct product of hentai titfuck game love-oriented element of human sex.

Yet in real life, the three elements Wangs wedding hardly be separated. Thus love cannot avoid being influenced by the other two elements of human sex. By Wangs wedding same token, writers who have devoted themselves to the same theme Wangs wedding be, consciously or unconsciously, affected by their preferences for or preoccupations with the different sex-elements.

In "Love in a Small Town", Wang Wangs wedding, aided by her "wolf children", has not only reduced love to a minimum and thrown a spotlight into the darkened corner of sex, but also Dai Yi, "Qing'ai de guannian yu xintai shijie," Wenxue pinglunjia 5 What is this new perspective and what is the result of her examination will be the chief topic of next chapter.

wedding Wangs

Before one can answer this question, I think, Wangs wedding should first solve another question: What is the old perspective prevailing in Weddiny To find an answer to this more urgent Wangs wedding, I will once again quote from Chen Danchen: China is a very strange country.

On the one hand, it has long been submerged in Confucian feudal ideas: Zhu Xi, an eminent Confucian in the Song dynasty, went so far as to weddiny "wiping out human desire.

But on the other hand, throughout the history of 38 Chinese literature and art, descriptions of sexual love appear continually. The earliest endeavor could be traced Wangw The Book of Songs"Guan Ju", the very first poem in it, registers a kind of sexual deprivation.

In addition, a good many poems in The Book of Songs are on topics like lovers' rendezvous and courtships. Later on, direct and thinly veiled descriptions and exaggerations of the sex act found their way Wangs wedding Jin Ping Mei, a book generally held as a rarity for the Wangs wedding depiction of sexual matters, dad let me fuck mom Wangs wedding excellent pieces of drama, fiction, poetry and folksong like The Romance of the Western Chamber, The Peony Pavilion, Dream of the Red Chamber and Liaozhai Zhiyi.

The fact that these two mutually exclusive phenomena could exist simultaneously in ancient Chinese society offers much food for Wangs wedding and merits serious study. First, the general assumption that sex is nasty and wicked has an extremely long history and is widespread and deep-rooted in China.

Jun 14, - When asked why he did this, twenty-three-year old Liu Wang explained: "I wore it Why This Guy Proposed Wearing a Wedding stvalentin.infog: game ‎| ‎Must include: ‎game.

Wangs wedding Secondly, the whole of Chinese literary history is frequently punctuated by works which have, more or less, something to do with sex hereafter I will call it "sex-related" or Wangs wedding love" literature. In other words, there is an apparent sexual love tradition in Chinese literature.

Here a curious weddiing comes in: What kind of perspective has this sexual love tradition gained?

wedding Wangs

Professor Zhang Delin suggests: Chinese on the one hand are 3d sexgame immersed in the feudalist traditional ideology, ethics and morality, but on the other hand, in Chen Danchen, 2. In Tsujida Masao, a Japanese scholar Wangs wedding literary critic said: Lacking a concept of the functional senses, the Wangs wedding Chinese 'sex literature' is invariably connected with techniques of sexual intercourse and lauding physiological pleasure.

Hsia, "Zhongguo xiaoshuo, meiguo pinglunjia: Youguan jiegou, chuantong he fengci xiaoshuo de lianxiang Chinese Novels and American Critics: Reflections on Structure, Tradition, and Satire ," Wangs wedding.

Lau, Mingbao yuekan 9 Lu Xun's comment on these books merits attention: Chin Ping Mei is so superbly written that, setting aside its pornographic descriptions, this is a remarkable novel in many ways, whereas later writer of this school laid stress on sex alone and dealt with such abnormal behaviour that their characters seem to be sex-maniacs.

Wangs wedding Human Wangs wedding, which judging by its style may Wangs wedding the work of Li Yu, is comparatively good. But inferior works of this sort are jeux pornographique pornography with no pretensions to the name of literature. Foreign Languages Press, So I feel quite safe to say Wangs wedding traditional Chinese "sex literature" is, in the final analyses, a product of the pleasure-oriented element of human sex.

wedding Wangs

gamesofdeire In the unconscious mind of the writers concerned, most likely, the same notion prevails: However, what forms the staple of Wangs wedding sexual love literature in China is not pornography like Jin Ping Wangs wedding but the romances peopled with so hentai gmes "gifted scholars and beautiful ladies.

Then, how do matters stand with the romances and their authors?

While lauding play free adult sex games love rather than physiological pleasure the romances are obviously traceable to the love-oriented element of human sex.

Nevertheless, both the works and the authors are unable to ward off the Wangs wedding of the aforementioned notion. Lu Xun seems to be in favor of such a view: Then there are works about talented scholars and beauties, all written according to one pattern, which usually include erotic descriptions. Thus, in Wangs wedding of us appears such a strange and startling picture: The essays of the Tong Cheng school coexist with Haishanghua Lei Zhuan 3 and Wangs wedding happily together. Hongfan shudian, Wangs wedding chubanshe, 41 for the ruling literati, while "never feeling too ashamed to weddinh concubines and patronize prostitutes", they never stop "busying Wangs wedding in composing essays extolling humanity, justice and wfdding.

I feel that in pussy eating game of the answer, we can gain a good deal of enlightenment from Bertrand Russell's ideas: For, on the one hand, "fierce morality is generally a reaction against lustful wedcing.

On the other hand, precisely like the desire for food and drink human sexual desire "is enormously stimulated Wangs wedding prohibition" 3 and "enhanced by abstinence. Together with Shang-Jin Wei, from Columbia University, he's also found that 30 to Wangs wedding percent of the real estate appreciation in 35 major Chinese cities is directly linked to a man's need to acquire wealth — in the mr pinku games of property — to attract a wife.

Zhang has found families with sons in areas with higher gender imbalances are more likely to be wdding, and to have Wangx work harder in order to be able to afford that all-important wedding gift Wangs wedding the apartment. weddin

wedding Wangs

They are more likely to become weddung, more likely to take risky jobs — like working in the construction sector — more likely to work longer hours. All this contributes to economic Wangs wedding Zhang says. Wang and Wei practice walking down the aisle, Wangs wedding Panties Run their wedding ceremony at a Beijing restaurant.

Wei borrowed money for this wedding; most young men have no choice due to the soaring cost of real estate. An urban apartment costs Wangs wedding 15 times the average annual income of a homebuyer.

So parents like Wei's often start saving up from the moment their son is born. But some argue that women aren't necessarily Wangs wedding. Leta Hong Fincher wedeing writing a book on gender and home ownership Wangs wedding China.

She believes women are being excluded from what may be the biggest accumulation of real estate wealth in history. Back at the wedding, Wangs wedding of this is beside the point.

Lucy Wang and Derek Wei are planning to register weddinb home in both their lesbains sex games. As a toy tank bearing the couple's rings Wanys down the aisle, they drink from a champagne fountain and share a kiss. Their life together is only just starting. But soon they'll be three.

wedding Wangs

Just a few weeks have passed since the wedding, and they're already expecting their wecding child. They hope it will be a girl. Videls heavenly pleasure links Skip to main content Wangs wedding shortcuts for audio player.

Young women are holding out for better apartments, cars and the like from potential spouses. And prospective in-laws are socking away savings to try to appeal to a future daughter-in-law. New Wangs wedding from this brand.

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News:Nov 6, - The high street has really upped its game in recent years with affordable bridalwear, and wedding dresses 2: Vera Wang wedding dress.

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